Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And so go the days....

When I went to have dinner with my son and daughter-in-law Sunday evening they sent me home with a bountiful box of apples, exotic peppers and veggies from the farm of their good East Indian friend, and among the tomatoes they included a couple of lovely green immatures because Sid remembered my fondness for fried green tomatoes (both the movie and the actual thick slices, breaded and fried and reminding me of my father, who shared the passion).

And so this morning for breakfast I had a poached egg, a few slices of fried green tomatoes and a piece of whole grain toast - healthy and delicious.  I felt quite well-fed and comfortable as I started off to walk to the Seniors' Centre and spend the morning with the singing group that Charles so enjoyed, and which I have taken up.  Not because my voice adds anything to the choir, but because of friendships' sake!

I wore my new/old jeans which my youngest daughter brought me yesterday from her stash and felt quite young and 'with-it' - and besides, they fit just perfectly and didn't hang despondently around my twenty pounds lighter frame, as all my dress pants do.

I have had lunch, done up a parcel of books for my sister in Alberta, including Anna Quindlen's 'Blessings", written her a little note and now I am off to the library, to the bank and the post office.

I had planned to go to the other garden and retrieve yet one more red peony, but the wind is chilly. so I will spend my gardening time in the library, investigating shelves and new arrivals and DVDs which help to pass the elongated evenings as the darkness comes upon one earlier with each day that passes.

Tonight I'm going out for prawns at the Branding Iron, - their Wednesday Night special!!!  When I come home I will knit a bit on the long scarf I am making, - mindlessly the needles clack as I watch an old movie, - Mia Farrow in The Purple Rose of Cairo.

I will take my new book to bed with me.  "I am of Irelaunde" - a novel of Patrick and Osian, beautiful, mystical, and hopefully sleep inducing....although the little blurbs on the back cover surely don't indicate that!!

Ah well, so go the days.....


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your "ordinary" days always sound anything but ordinary. You fill them with love, good books, flowers and food that sounds delicious (whether you cook or go out). It always takes me some time to adjust to the dark evenings .... and I know that for you right now it has to be even harder.

I really must try fried green tomatoes.

Penny said...

This sounds like a very fulfilling day, you are an inspiration.

Barb said...

Hildred, I love catching up on your news. I've been busy babysitting and have the same scheduled for the end of the week. No time for blog reading! I have lots of green tomatoes still on the vine in Denver - maybe I should try frying them. Glad you're singing and visiting with good friends.