Saturday, August 31, 2013

A day in the life of.....

Here I am, devoid of any inspiration, but it has been a good day!
I wakened early and as I came in to the kitchen, with Callie brushing against my ankles in anticipation of her morning kibbles, I caught the faintest glimpse of pink through the branches that screen the west window.  It is not often that I catch a sunrise, enveloped as I am in greenery and garden and neighbouring houses. 
Will it still be there while I dress?  No, of course not  - it is only the faintest pink, not a full blown production with scarlet and fiery orange and deep rose, and perhaps a dash of purple.  Hesitation will only bring with it disappointment.....  Slippers and robe will have to do.
There, in the east, delicate wisps and ripples, and the last silver crescent of the old moon. 

I feel somewhat blest, and stay to take a few more pictures of the sunflowers.

and Callie, who turns to look at me with her green eyes questioning this early morning romp.

After I have dressed I step out on to the front porch
 and discover the pink clouds have turned to silver,
and I am absolutely enchanted!!!
After coffee and a chat with my loving and faithful daughter, who comes each morning on her way to work, I do up the dishes, visit for a bit on Skype with my youngest son in the Chilcotin,
feel even more blest, and gather up the cake I am taking as my contribution
to a funeral reception.
Then it is off to the library where I spend an inordinately long time looking at DVDs
to help pass the long evenings, and searching the knitting and weaving shelves.
I come home with a knitting book featuring scarves, shrugs and shawls,
three DVDs, Jean Thompson's "The Year we left Home". Mark Steyn's "After America"
(which I expect will depress me)
and a book by a local Okanagan author and piano restorer,   Marinum J. van Prattenburg -
"Mr. Sebastian - the life story of a mid-nineteenth century grand piano".
I arrive just in time to click on the Berlin Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall
to listen to the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra under the direction of
Manfred Honock in the opening concert of Musikfest Berlin 2013.
The program features Witold  Luteslawski's Chain 11 with
Anna-Sophie Mutter as guest soloist.   Beautiful!!!
The quiet conversations between violin and orchestra and violin and piano were charming.
And they had two encores,  - the last one being the Last Waltz from
Richard Strauss'  der Rozenkavalier. 
I sighed and went to have lunch....
In the afternoon I cut the back lawn which was at least nine inches high!!!
It called for a scythe, I think.
And then I rested, and looked at some pictures of early
days which I am adding to a digital album in memory of my darling -
and after a while I had my supper.
 . . . . . . . . . . . . .
I am reading, - randomly - essays by Chris Arthur from his book entitled
"Irish Nocturnes"
They are absorbing and intriguing and his words,
and the way he puts them together, fascinate and delight me.
Off to make some hot chocolate and explore this lovely treasure of books,
and when I go to bed I will say White Rabbits last thing so the
thought will be with me in the morning, the first day of September.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Happy September and I thank you (as I do every month) for telling me about 'white rabbit'. And also ... for a day that started, for you, without inspiration... you wrote a post with much of it. As your posts always inspire me!

The Weaver of Grass said...

What a delightful post Hildred - how well you fill in your days. As Sallie rightly says - you are an inspiration.

Barb said...

Here we are in September, Hildred. You accomplish, see, and muse about more before lunch than most people do in a whole day! Am glad you're feeling well and enjoying your mug of chocolate with some good books. I'm in the city for a few days, and it's hot here, but the sunflowers I pass on my exercise route are blooming profusely, just like the ones in your header. I'm sending you a sunflower smile.

Dimple said...

Good morning, Hildred.
You were blessed with the sunrise followed by silver, thanks for sharing it. And thanks, also, for sharing your day which followed.
Love to you,