Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday, June 20th
Out in the garden this evening to try to lend a little support to the white delphiniums which were growing so tall and stately before the last two days of rain. but are now bent every which way, sadly and most distressed......

I brought a few of the most unhappy ones into the house with great bunches of Blaze roses, which are also heavy with rain and blossom, and they make a magnificent bouquet.
It was good to get out into the freshly washed air.  If the rain had been heavier I would have said 'scrubbed' but it has been a gentle rain, - persistent but kinder to the cherry crop
than a sudden violent downpour.
The skies are lighter, - it is even possible to see a few cloud formations
rather than that dismal pewter lid on the world.
I have spent the last two days sorting through pictures - part of my preparation to
gather together a pictorial story of Charles' life, - and reminiscing!  Our eldest daughter came
in as I was going through the many boxes and we got lost in memories
and warm stories and laughter.
It was such a rich and varied time - he was not a dull man, and life was never boring;
not for me or the children.
While I was outside I picked all the dead daylily blooms from along
the fence and brought them in to put with my daily/daylily stash that is
soaking in a bowl, waiting for the sunshine so that I can put
the whole wonderful mixture in glass jars with some mordanted wool
 and see what lovely soft shade it dyes.
The weatherman promises sun for tomorrow....
we shall see.
A new book to read in bed tonight; in the mail today
Alexander McCall Smith's latest -
'Trains and Lovers'
The New York Times says in review "McCall Smith's generous writing
and dry humor, his gentleness and humanity, and his ability to evoke a place and
a set of characters without caricature or condescension
have endeared his books to readers", and I can hardly wait.
An early bedtime.....


Nana Jo said...

I always think sorting through old photographs is like holding small indrawn breaths that are waiting to exhale. There is always the hush of life in them. They proclaim a comforting joy and can be so gut-wrenchingly healing.

I love Alexander McCall Smith!

The Weaver of Grass said...

A lovely upbeat post as usual Hildred. I do so admire the way you look on the positive side. I put together a book of my first husband's photographs because I think these things are important for one's children - also such photos bring back such happy memories of a good life spent together.

Sorry about the rain spoiling the delphiniums and roses - it usually happens to something in the garden doesn't it.

Hildred said...

Nicely put, Nana Jo!

And Pat, I know you understand. It took losing Charles to make me truly empathize with other lonely wives/widows and to realize the transition from wife to widow involves such a long period of living in both worlds.

Barb said...

Rainy days mean early to bed. Hope you got sunshine! Your delphiniums are so high - a beautiful white. I bet they look splendid with the red roses. Daylily colored wool sounds wonderful!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are such an inspiration. What I love is the way you live for today and the future while not forgetting to treasure the past. (My parents were so afraid of living in the past that they shared very little with us as they aged. I am determined not to make the same mistake with our kids and grands.) I'm so glad I took time to catch up on your posts after being away for a while.