Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ABC Wednesday

The  letter A and we’re off again!!!!!

A is for the Amaryllis



I have been awaiting this moment, when ABC Wednesday began another trip through the Alphabet, hoping to be diligent about my posting.

Because of my great yearning for gardening and spring to arrive I am going to use flowers as my theme as we go through from A to Z.

The amaryllis is perhaps one of my favourites, – in league with the paper whites.   Both of them get me through the winter months when outside the skies are dreary,  and I watch out my window at the Hawthorn tree to see if the catkins show any sign of the sap rising.  What would December and January be without their brightness at the window!!!!


If I choose to plant the spent bulbs in the garden after a little rest from their spectacular showing during the winter season, some of them bloom quite vigorously, but then they don’t have the energy to do it all over again the next year, so it is probably better to let them rest quietly, and then around the first of October put them in a cool dark place to awaken the urge to start blooming again. 

Pot them up around the first of December and they will add their glory to the Christmas season and beyond when the most attractive reading to the gardener is the seed catalogue and the incredible gardening magazines that illustrate what other green thumbs and creative minds have accomplished.

Many thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt and her Able helpers for carrying on this terrific meme, – click here to see what other wonderful interpretations for A have been posted.


Leslie: said...

These are stunning! Awesome & Amazing!

abcw team

Carol L McKenna said...

Magnificent photography for A ~ Wow!

(A Creative Harbor)

richies said...

Simply beautiful!!

An Arkies Musings

photowannabe said...

Oh Hildred, these are so beautiful. I don't think I have seen any that color before.
Thanks for visiting my blog too.

Carver said...

Wonderful shots of the amaryllis. I love them too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful flowers .... your photos are just amazing. What a great idea for the alphabet meme; can't wait to see what you come up with each week. (I may fall asleep tonight 'counting flowers' alphabetically.)

Roger Owen Green said...

I like it! Lovely.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

uberrhund said...

Oh Hildred! Those are lovely and delicate flowers,so very pretty!
I am doing a theme too(antiques),might help keep me on track for the next 26 weeks.
I look forward to visiting you blossoms as we go along!

Melanie Boudwin said...

What lovely pictures and great tips to know about planting them so that they do well. Do amaryllis have a scent or do they resemble tulips that way?

Hildred and Charles said...

No scent, Melanie, - just gorgeous visually,

Pheno Menon said...

The streaks of red are very pretty


The Weaver of Grass said...

I love amaryllis too Hildred. This is the first year when I haven't got a row of them on my window sill - mainly because I just forgot about them. Glad you have started the new year on a high note - keep it up and do keep blogging. I find blogging friends a great comfort and I know you do too. Love

Luna Miranda said...

these are absolutely beautiful! love the textures in the 2nd photo. our amaryllis here looks a bit different though.

Reader Wil said...

I love amaryllises! These colours are very exceptionally beautiful! I have never seen such colours! Thanks for sharing your love of flowers and gardening!

Melanie Boudwin said...

Thanks for the great info! I'll have to keep my eyes open for them here.

Jesh St Germain said...

Oh yours is beautiful -I like this one even better than the red one!

Beverley Baird said...

Gorgeous shots of, this beautiful flower!

Josie Two Shoes said...

So incredibly delicate and beautiful! These would cheer anyone on a gray winter day, just lovely! You clearly have a green thumb!