Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Weather Report et al

October 3rd, 2012

After a restless night I waken late, spring from bed to unlock the door for our daughter's early morning coffee visit, and as I do I hear a plaintive sigh throughout the hills and orchards - the night has come and gone and still no rain;  no frost to redden the apples and change the drying leaves to gold.  The clouds have departed and the light from the sun brightens the horizon in the east - come to sweeten the grapes, no doubt.  At least no 'sour grapes' to complain about, but even they could do with a long refreshing night of rain.

That is the weather report for the day!

As I went to click the coffee pot to 'on' I passed the little loom on the kitchen table, and patted the woven part fondly.  The rachet on the back loom doesn't hold the warp as tightly as I would wish, but we soldier on carefully, and I lose myself in the pleasure of the familiar back and forth of the shuttle and the closing of the reed.

It is Senior's Day at the local grocery shop and I have a great long list that astounds our daughter!  "How can two people require so much"???????  Well, sometimes I forget Senior's Day all together,  but this month I resolved to take advantage of the savings and added everything I could foresee we might need during the month, and that is how I will spend my 'free'morning, while Charles goes singing.  He has had his regular Scott Joplin concert while he showered, so it is a musical morning for him and a social one for me, depending upon how many friends I meet at the grocer' never knows how much time will be filled with chit chat during a shopping expedition.

Charles is off to sing, and I am off to shop and the sun shines brightly in a cloudless sky, reminding me that it is time to clean windows!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I liked this post Hildred. Except for the part about the windows (I'd rather not be reminded about that chore... it's always needing to be done here.) We seem to buy an awful lot of groceries too.

Morning's Minion said...

Today was also the monthly Senior Day at a big supermarket in the next county. The discount is only 10% but we feel it justifies the trip. I buy my cleaning supplies there, cat kibble and litter to last nearly a month, staples for the cupboards--coffee, tea, the few canned goods that we buy.
With our garden in season, the things we 'put up' and supplies such as unbleached flour, dry beans, rice, lentils and such from a bulk foods store, I find our shopping outings are kept to a minimum--although there's always something vital to a recipe which I've forgotten.
Putting everything away at home is rather daunting after such buying sessions!

Barb said...

A busy day for both you and Charles. Sometimes, I'm astounded by my grocery bill, but it's usually just before the Grands visit us.

Nan said...

My monthly 'senior day' is tomorrow. :<)