Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday evening...

and Blogger seems very obstinate and slow tonight.  Shall I try to put together aposting, or shall I go visiting?

I have some pretty fall pictures from our rainy day trip to Penticton yesterday  - all this time I had thought autumn had forgotten us this year, and there she was, hiding in the hills and along the byways and ranches that line the highway to Penticton.  Now I find when I go to download them that all the  pretty but flawed ones that I cropped in Picasa turn up uncropped in the source that allows me to download to Blogger.  :-(

So here they are as they came from the camera.

A lovely fishing spot at the far end of Yellow Lake.

One of the ranches along the way, - the creek runs in behind the row of trees which would be more flambouyant if the sun had been shining.  Still on these more sombre days of October when there is a little dampness and the hills are misty, there is more a feeling of the quiet beauty of autumn gathering all around her in preparation for the winter.

The Sumac at the doctors' offices were by far the most spectacular colours that we saw, except for one small intensely coloured Scarlet Maple which the camera didn't catch but which certainly lives in my mind's eye.  This was probably its first year of being planted out at the entrance to a new mobile home park, and it was celebrating magnificently with the most glorious  richness and beauty.

Lowering clouds over the hills in Penticton reminded me of the November days when Charles had just received his wings and I was allowed to come home with him on his embarkation leave  (I had to get permission from my Grandmother!!!. )  We went hunting in the hills above Tumble Moon, which is just across the lake, and on the top of the little nobby mountain over to the far left we got engaged!!!

Some more of the doctor's beautiful Sumac

and the rock walls around Yellow Lake, newly exposed to the sunshine and weather after the road work done there last year.  Most interesting composition....

When I get the rest of the pictures re-cropped I may put some up, - it is hard to get them perfect first time, snapping them at random at about 100 miles an hour!!!!!!

In the meantime I will go and watch Heartbeat, with Charles.....


Barb said...

Good memories in your photos, Hildred, and a celebration of fall.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful Fall and beautiful memories (no wonder you love the season). But wait a minute, did you say 100 MPH?