Thursday, August 02, 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Terrible traffic today as the cars started rolling East to West and West to East.

People from the Coast rushing to the Okanagan - the lake, the mountains, the campsites,  the beaches.

People from the Okanagan rushing to the Coast - the ocean, the mountains, the campsites, the beaches.

I wonder what it would be like if everybody stayed home and holidayed locally, in their own touristy town, around their own lake or ocean, hiking their own mountains, catching the sun on their own beaches, eating in their own restaurants, putting up a tent in their own back yard.

I guess the campsites might lose out unless people had a yen to live in restricted space for the week-end, side by each with their neighbours,  and that wouldn't really surprise me......

There is a nice Crowded Trailer Park right next to the Skaha Lake Beach in Penticton,  close to home.

Think of how much less stressful it would be, and what an incredible gift to the ozone!

Just a thought after going to town this afternoon for groceries, and to the library for books, and waiting, waiting, waiting to get across the highway through that never ending stream of early holiday travelers who are squeezing an extra day out of this long August week-end.

An added attraction for home bodies in Keremeos is an appearance by the 5th place winner in the World contest for Elvis Impersonators.  They have been sold out for weeks!

How many people in Keremeos have camped or picnicked along the Ashnola River -(well, lots, I know).  But lots haven't!!

Or seen the Columns -

or Cathedral Park...

or made the climb to the Snazo'ist Centre that the Indian Band in Hedley has established at the site of the 1920's Mascot Mine.

Oh, I know, - it is the lure of the road.  New places, new people, new adventures, - but it really does distract the locals and make them shake their head and roll their eyes a bit, as they try to cross the road, along with all the other chickens.

I understand some people have been heard muttering dire imprecations when necessity forces them to take to the streets.....if one must support the Tourist Industry, how about starting in one's own town!!!


Barb said...

I feel your pain. I never to go to the grocery store after 9 AM! Another month and all will be quiet here. The locals will reclaim our charming town. PS Looks like you live in a lovely place to visit though...

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I know what you mean ... but must admit of course to having seen the phenomonen from both sides.