Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday evening, more than half way through July!!!

Outside, doing the last of the watering chores, I am delighted by the coolness of the evening breeze after an exceedingly warm day.

Up early this morning, and we made a quick trip to Penticton for an 8.30 driving appointment.  With age comes driving examinations and this morning it was Charles' turn.  By the time he was finished the morning tourist traffic was crowding the streets and we came straight home to a cool house and a pleased-to-see us cat.  Close to her lunchtime - she sits on Charles's knee and cuddles, but I know with me it is strictly cupboard love!!!

It was a lovely morning for a drive, but not terribly successful in the picture taking department.  The sun reflected strange images on the photos, - dazzling lights and blurred images.  In one picture I saw my hand, holding the camera, and Charles' arm, cradling the steering wheel - imprinted on the gorgeous greens and golden sunshine around Yellow Lake.

Well, here are some I was able to salvage.

The shadowy hills and the sprinklers on the meadow

A few glittery leaves surrounding a field of green, where the creek runs through.

In the distance, as we break over the hill into the Okanagan Valley, the far hills are faded shades of blue.

Skaha Lake is bathed in gleaming sunlight 

A water skier about to plunge through those sterling silver ripples.

A nice day.

The water is on the side lawn, and the sprinklers that Charles
wound around the fence to satisfy the thirsty bed that grows outside the fence
are spraying most satisfactorily.

All's well, and I am about to go to bed with "The World According to Bertie" by
McCall Smith - a sweet story that compares very well with
"The World According to Garp" (which, to tell you the truth, I barely remember -
not because of it's literary qualities, I assure the author, but just
because some things get crowded out the older you get)  sigh.....


Penny said...

As I explained the other day to a 99 year old friend, you have 99 years of knowledge and thoughts in your head, no wonder sometimes it takes time to find them.

Hildred and Charles said...


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

It's beautiful up there this time of year! So the driver's tests are required after a certain age? Do you have to parallel park? I still remember how awful that was when I took my first driver exam -- and I still can't do it (but I never try)!

Is that a new Alexander McCall Smith series? I am going to look it up as soon as I send this comment.

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