Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, June 23rd, 2010

Fancy Hats and Flowers

I was up early this morning gathering flowers for the Museum's Fancy Hat Tea in between showers.

Luckily this was not an out-door affair

Before I went to pick up my friend, Margaret,  Charles took a sideways picture of me.
I managed to straighten it out, but I still look rather startled and in fear of the
whole concoction sliding off my head.

 There were lots of outlandish hats. and some quite beautiful ones.

The sweets were dainty and rich, and I think it was the mini cream puff that finally gave me heartburn...

Although it could have been the chocolate covered strawberry....


We had a nice chatty time catching up with news and friends, but Margaret and I didn't stay long

We left in the middle of another shower, but I had the wit to take an umbrella and we didn't stop to have our tea cups read in the tent on the lawn, so we got home dry - although not knowing what the future might hold for us as predicted by the tea leaves.

As I backed down the driveway I realized that large hats were made for a different time, - the time of horse-drawn carriages, when the horses knew the way home, and you didn't have to look over your shoulder to check for traffic.

Charles was waiting at home, and it was soon time for happy hour, so altogether a nice Saturday afternoon
and the Museum raised a little money to add to the fund for a new building - the old Museum is squeezed into a small building, complete with cells, that used to be the police office and jail in early days.....

They say it will rain again tonight, - the river level grows higher and there is still high snow to come down.
Charles shakes his head and mutters dire warnings.


The Weaver of Grass said...

What a lovely cheery post Hildred. The weather is pretty dire here too.
Many places have had floods and the days are unseasonably cold. Warmth forecast for the next two or three days and then rain again.
You look absolutely lovely in your delightful hat.

Barb said...

You were fancy in your hat Hildred! That sounds like fun. Wish you could send me some of that rain.