Wednesday, April 04, 2012

April 4th, 2012

At the breakfast table my bones and joints are speaking to me plaintively, complaining about grey skies, the icy wind that is blowing from the mountain tops and the lack of sunshine that would surely comfort them.

Although I am sympathetic to their needs my thoughts wander to a ninety six year old woman I saw on television last night as I was preparing supper.  Ninety six, and she was still comfortably plumb, quite nimble and when she sat down she picked up her crocheting and spoke cheerily about her life and activities, - clearly one of those people born with a pleasant and positive disposition and a propensity for good health!

Then I thought about some of the people I know who are younger than me (well, that's easy) but who are miserable in their old age, 'halting' around, I thought!

Halting around???  Where did that phrase come from before it popped into my head.

I brought up the subject with Charles, who somehow, in the wink of an eye, turned my question into a political discussion.  How does he do that????

Eventually he expressed his opinion about the meaning of 'halting around', and I was quite in agreement with him.  I walked to the library the other day without my butterfly cane, and on the way home I definitely felt that I was 'halting along'....and thought sadly of the days when I was so proud of walking gracefully.

I am going to go to the drugstore this afternoon to buy myself one of those nice light canes that have a cord running through them which allow them to fold up into a nice purse size.  Charles has two of them, but I need one of my own that can live in my purse (which is really a large carpet bag) and be handy whenever I find I am 'halting along'.

I took a linen hat, a pair of old leather gardening gloves and my red snippers out of the bag before I snapped it, so you can see that a foldable cane would live quite roomily in it.

However, that doesn't solve the real problem that was bothering me.  Here we are, medical science having presented many of us with a life span that lasts probably ten years longer, and have we prepared for it with good living, lots of exercise, a healthy diet and the tenacity to maintain a cheerful attitude in the face of these complaining joints and muscles and bones.....I ask you?


The Weaver of Grass said...

I can join you with those aches and pains Hildred but then I think of my poor mother, who died in 1972. She had arthritis absolutely everywhere and her knees were terribly swollen and painful. She could not make a decision whether or not to have a new kne, like I can.

I think the secret is that as we age we have to adapt and take up new hobbies which we enjoy but which don't put such a strain on our weak bits. Love your carpet bag.

Penny said...

Probably not. I halt along, my mother walked straight and tall until her 90's, but then she didnt fall off horses and do all the things I did when young. I try to look at things with a cheerful look and fill my days, but sometimes....!I hope I still dont fall into the 'old lady' look, but I probably do. You seem far more active than me and I am much younger.
I suppose that is life and we are all different, be pretty dull if we were not.
I think I need one of those sticks!

Barb said...

I can't imagine you "halting along," Hildred! Maybe you just need a smaller purse. I never knew that canes were foldable. I know a lady in AZ who was 103 in March. She still lives in her own home, though she now has help. Hope your warm weather arrives soon.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

As you say, aging has different meanings for different people. I know that you'd put many people to shame with all you do even on your "halting around" days. The winter weather here where we are is salubrious for aging joints, but the lack of daily digging in the dirt etc. may have the opposite effect. Nowhere's perfect. We adjust.

Dimple said...

Well I have been halting around somewhat...I am thankful it is not a constant state of being, so far, and I pray for whatever is causing it to be healed.
I also like your bag and walking stick!

I hope you remember Jesus' resurrection with joy!