Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sunday, November 13th, 2001

We are swept away by the wonderful help we get from our family, and the most recent was quite magical, - I am sure it involved a wand in the hands of a speedy son, here on holiday from the Caribou, and a flash-by grandson.

They arrived mid afternoon and by supper time had transferred the garage-cum-workshop into the neatest, tidiest space with room for the SUV in the midst of all the things that survived the Great Downsizing.

Christmas decorations, wrappings and ribbons flew up the lift from the garage into the walk-in closet.  Pictures that have not yet been hung went down into that lovely cemented space under the house, along with a half a dozen boxes whose contents haven't yet found a place to perch.

Suddenly all of Charles' bits and pieces. and his thousands of small tools that he cherishes and just might use someday, found a home on the shelves that line the west side of the garage and the pegboard they hung on the wall.

David went out and measured the SUV, - came in and measured the free space in the garage, and all was well!  Home for the vehicle, out of the wet snow that  fell this afternoon!!  When ladies get ancient one of the things that have little appeal for them is sweeping  the snow from the car, and chipping  the ice from the windshield.  I have become thoroughly spoiled with a nice dry garage, and am not prepared to give up this enormous luxury!!

Thank you, you lovely, big, strapping elves!!!

In case you materialize around here again, my dear wizards,  I am on the lookout for the Christmas lights whose 'putting up'  requires an agility that doesn't live in this house any more, alas..............


Wanda..... said...

What would one do without the help of elves. I have 2 sons, a son-in-law and 6 grandsons that turn into elves, when needed.

Glad you had so much loving help and that your SUV is under cover, mine is too, chipping and scraping is not fun!

We 'used' to put a reindeer on top of the house for Christmas! No more! Hope the wizards see your post!

Barb said...

Thank goodness for those elves, Hildred. Now you and Charles are even more comfortable and safe. Bob tackled our garage a few weeks ago and managed (with a bit of moaning and discarding) to find room for not only our van and small SUV but also the John Deere snow plow. (Even though we hire a plower, Bob sometimes needs to ride the John Deere to clean the driveway up a bit. Grandchildren like to sit on his lap and help with this "work.") He cannot give up that toy! We have our skis hanging off pegs on the wall, just as Charles has his tools. How nice it is for me to be able to enter a car without planning extra time for heating and scraping! Take a photo sometime of all Charles' old tools - I'd love to see them.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hooray for the son and grandson! How great to get everything put in its own place. (And I must have been born ancient because I never did enjoy scraping windshields or brushing off snow before going to work!)