Tuesday, August 09, 2011

ABC Wednesday

Here we are at the darling letter, D

D is for Dimple

At one time I was quite sure that the angels in charge of baby making bestowed dimples upon certain people in order to make them appealing, totally adorable and the most favoured of people.  Same for cleft chins!!!

However, Wikipedia now informs me that dimples may be caused by variations in the structure of the facial muscle known as zygomaticus major and that this bifid variation of the muscle originates as a single structure from the zygomatic bone which, as it travels anteriorly, then divides with a superior bundle that inserts in the typical position above the corner of the mouth.  An inferior bundle inserts below the corner of the mouth.

That most attractive cleft chin also has a structural origin, - it is a y-shaped fissure on the chin with an underlying bony peculiarity, apparently resulting from the incomplete fusion of the left and right halves of the jaw bone, or muscle, during the embyonal and fetal development.  Or it can develop over time, often because one half of the jaw is longer than the other, leading to facial asymmetry.

Or, for those who are into this kind of thing, the same result can be achieved by surgery!!!!!!!

So much for my angel theory, but however the dimple and the cleft chin are arrived at I still find them very sweet and feel that those who possess them have definitely an advantage over those of us who are bereft of such an appealing feature.....

Do not despair if you don't have dimples in your cheeks.

Perhaps you have Dimples of Venus, - not so apparent but equally bequiling.

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Jane and Chris said...

I much prefer the angel theory!
Alas, I wasn't blessed with dimples!
Jane x

Kim, USA said...

Hahaha the last dimple makes me laugh!!


Reader Wil said...

Great fun post! The children are very sweet and beautiful!
It's always a pleasure to visit you. The story of the angels is very lovely. I think I'll think I stick to that.

Gigi Ann said...

Well, I never new that. I thought they were inherited from one parent or the other. I stand corrected. hee, hee.

Carver said...

I love the angel theory but interesting learning the science behind it. Great post and shots for D.

Sylvia K said...

What a fun, delightful post for the D Day, Hildred! Beautiful children, lovely dimples all! I have the chin dimple -- always wondered where it came from!! Hope your week is going well!


Andy said...

Dimples are cute.
Laughing..."Dimples of Venus"...never heard that before.! I don't have dimples of any kind, but I think my smile is kind of cute (lol).

Thanks for sharing.

I'm here:
Dancing In My Dreams

nonizamboni said...

Very clever D! What fun and thanks for making my day with a pic of Cary Grant. Ah, life is good!

Leslie: said...

I, too, prefer the angel theory but I must say you went to a lot of work researching dimples. Love the photos! Hope you're having a divine week,

abcw team

VioletSky said...

Well, this was all very informative and likely very true, but I prefer the angels participation!

Karen said...

An interesting post for D day! I like your angel theory though.

chubskulit said...

That behinD hehehe..

ABC Wednesday

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Had never heard of dimples of Venus. At first I thought you meant cellulite. Sometimes I can be so dense.

Jo Bryant said...

I'll go with the angel theory I think

The Weaver of Grass said...

There used to be an old song about it Hildred - where will the baby's dimple be?

jabblog said...

How very interesting! The photos are wonderful.
I love dimples but no-one in my family has them. My son has a cleft chin, though.

Jay said...

Well, I knew about the origin of the cleft chin, but you've enlightened me about the dimples - fascinating! Isn't it funny how 'defects' become so appealing?

And I didn't know that those ones on my lower back were called 'Dimples of Venus'. I like them much better now! ;)

Roger Owen Green said...

hubba hubba. I mean, that was a very interesting piece.
ROG, ABC Wednesday team