Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Another rainy day!!

Charles is off to singing and I have been playing the piano, - practicing for a funeral on Saturday, and then I get carried away and play just one more piece, and then another, and all the while the vacuum cleaner is sitting in the middle of the floor behind me......

However, I have stopped for coffee and just a few lines here.

Yesterday we had blue skies and sunshine and I was out in the garden skirmishing with the cutch grass and looking for signs of the Chinese Lantern underground railway.  They are not selling tickets yet, but the tracks still lie undisturbed beneath all the stations located in the Iris and the Peonies and amongst the yellow daisies and shastas.

Here is the hawthorn tree, with its buds shiny and pregnant against the blue sky.

A clump of early daffodils, just on the verge!

Off in the distance the snow is still deep at Apex, and the skiers rejoice, and I rejoice too because the snowpack in the hills spells relief for the underground lakes that are being emptied by civilization and too many vineyards and orchards.  This is really cattle country, -  with its meagre rainfall the country suffers with the demands of too many thirsty trees and grapevines.

Before I come in I take my shears over to the fence line and trim the Meadow Rue that grows over Miss Roo's grave, and contemplate what lovely herb or flower we will plant where Caspar lies in eternal rest.

My coffee cup is empty, and the vacuum cleaner gets impatient, - just time to spiff things up before lunch.


Barb said...

I'm trying to think what flower would represent little Casper. I'll be interested in reading what you choose. I have to smile about you already looking for the Chinese Lantern! All these years of battle and still it wins.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your days are full and delightful to read about! Spring is on the way for sure. I too wonder what plant you will use to honor Casper.

The snow in the mountains IS definitely a good thing!

Pipany said...

Your blog is beautifully written and I am so glad you left a comment on mine so that I found it. x

Dimple said...

You are a little ahead of us in the season: I have daffs sprouting, but the buds are not visible yet. I do have some crocus blooming, though!

I had a little Chinese lantern, but I think I may have eradicated it...

I know Casper was not a wolf, but what about Lupine?

EG Wow said...

Nice to see the daffodils about to pop open there. We won't see any for quite a while yet.