Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another morning in the garden with the spade and the handy dandy tool that digs the dandelions.  Lunch and a quick clean-up and off to town to a lodge meeting to keep the ladies in step with some Scott Joplin piano.

Lodge meetings and membership are going the way of the mainline churches, - I can remember being young (25 or so) and newly introduced to the lodge and all its facets that are disdained today, not just by the young, but also by the Red Hat group of middle aged matrons out to have fun, fun, fun!!!

It was a night out - Dad was home baby-sitting and the girls were doing their thing in a well organized and disciplined way.  What was it about turning sharp corners, doing good work, remembering passwords, the ways of the lodge and each officer in it;  all these things that appealed to the enthusiastic  young women of the 50's and 60's.

There was the concept of 'sisterhood' which was taken very seriously, - and 'service', which had been a part of our life forever.  Whatever it was, the Lodge flourished, and so did the friendships it fostered; and the confidence it inspired as young women learned to do their part with poise and precision.  Lots to be said for those days, and the Lodge today is made up of the remnants of those happy times;  little old grey-haired ladies, to all appearances, but the Spirit  is still  splendid and the values remain the same.  And the memories of those no longer living and the years of faithfulness are precious to all.

They are fortified with a few younger woman who do the hard work and keep the flame lit.  The password disappeared a long time ago, along with the opportunity to blackball new candidates for membership (which, of course, one would NEVER do) and slacks were allowed in  place of skirts, but with great reservation.  I occasionally see ladies of the lodge cross their legs - definitely a no-no in days gone by.  But what remains is the idea of service and the loyalty and friendship that sustains the ancient sisterhood.

I came home with a good feeling of having been among friends.


Willo said...

"Enjoy the flowers!" I certainly do. The bees in the daffodils and jonquils is an amazing photo.

Once upon a time long ago I was in Scotland in May and the roadsides were yellow with daffodils. My introduction to the British Isles was a fairy tale memory.

Your daybyday is so welcome on this lovely rainy day in Omaha.

Barb said...

Are your poppies blooming already, Hildred? I can't believe it! I enjoyed your post very much (think how you've changed along with the customs of the Lodge!). Those Daffs in your header make me swoon - love the bee, too.

Hildred and Charles said...

NAh, no poppies yet Barb, - Daffodils yes, but the poppies are imported from the archives.

FYI - We spent the morning moving the bird feeders away from the forsythia so that the poor shrub will have a chance to bloom next year before the blackbirds eat all the swelling golden flower buds!!

Dimple said...

I love the illustration at the end of this, Hildred!

I had to breathe a sigh of relief when I read that your poppies aren't out yet, I thought I was WAY behind you!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your lodge sounds as if it is keeping up with the times, which is why it is still going strong I'm sure!

This post is one of yours that makes me sigh for a 'life not lived'. We do miss out on "old" friends. (In one sense, we have a lot of old friends, but they are ones we've only met recently ;>).)