Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UFO's and other delightful visitors

It was early in the morning when the UFO appeared.

There was just a hint of a nice day to come after all the brooding skies we have had pressing down upon us.

It came wrapped in an ordinary plastic grocery bag, hiding its heavenly blue wooliness as it slipped in the door, accompanied by our younger daughter who had found it loitering in the local Legion canteen....abandoned, alas, by the Past President of the Branch.

UFO's are not new to this house.  They first began to make their appearance in the early years of our marriage when I was awakened to crafty enthusiasms, some of which were carried forward to a triumphant maturity, but others who sadly morphed into UnFinished Objects....UFO's.

I remember well my first  'almost' UFO which narrowly escaped being a full blown UnFinished Object by my wiliness in turning a sweater I was knitting for my father into a Vest, with no Sleeves.  It was the first of many, and occasionally I come across an unfinished piece of embroidery, tucked away at the bottom of a basket, or a warp, cut from the loom in frustration while the half a yard of woven fabric that preceded it was turned into a skinny pillow, or a little bag, - or perhaps just a reminder of another 'dog' on the loom, folded neatly away and forgotten.

I have a soft white sweater still on needles, accompanied by a pattern, - the front, the back and one sleeve half done.  Perhaps I could ask our daughter to take it to the Canteen where someone might fall in love with it and with the click of the needles, take it from it's UFO stage to what it was meant to be.

As I plan to do with the heavenly blue cable knit vest that has been sitting around for the past decade,  bemoaning its fate, ever since the Past President gave up knitting,

It arrived along with six or eight extra balls of this lovely blue Sidar wool that I can dream about knitting into a pretty lace scarf.

I have all the instructions, which appeared somewhat bizarre when I first glanced at them but which now are quite orderly and readable.  I have finished the last row which the PP abandoned midway across the back, and am just waiting for an hour or two when all is quiet and I can begin to rescue this lovely UFO from its erstwhile fate.

I could have done it this morning when Charles was away at 'singing' if I had just remembered to turn the freezer part of the fridge back on last night so that it wouldn't have leaked water all over the kitchen floor, - which Charles, being first up, sloshed through on his way to turn on the coffee pot, - and which resulted in me having to concoct a vegetable soup from all the veggies that had grown soft and soggy in the warm freezer, - and which also resulted in us having a shrimp stir fry for supper tonight to rescue the limp shrimp....

But then, that's another story.....and I wouldn't want to distract you from thoughts you might be having about UFO's that could be hiding in dim, dark corners of your Craft Room....


Tricia said...

heheheee! you had me going for a minute, there! LoL! =)

Penny said...

I dont think I have ever finished some one elses UFO but have a few of my own.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Funny! One way not to have any UFOs is to never have started. (Some of us are just wimps.)

David said...

Oh dear. Wet toes and limp shrimp! So Sorry Mum! Love your UFO acronym.

Do hope your garden is starting to pop. Snow is starting to melt here. Down to 2 feet.

Enjoying your blog, as always.