Monday, March 28, 2011

A typical Spring Day

Gorgeous when the sun was shining and the sky was blue,  - not quite so gorgeous when the wind came out to play awhile, but still beautiful enough to encourage us to have a lovely, productive morning in the garden  where the Hellebore has finally come to see what spring is all about and has her first pure blossoms.

Lunch was a little late as Charles finished pruning the Philadelphia Orange and I wheeled the prunings and more debris down to the ever growing compost pile.

Before we settled for a small nap we discussed a little picture taking drive, - well,
I suggested it and Charles didn't say no.

So around about three o'clock I put some chicken breasts in a casserole, along
with a bit of honey, some butter and a dash of nutmeg, and
then added carrots, mushrooms and some small potatoes,
and slid it all into a 300 degree oven.

We were all set to go,
and here are some pictures we took as we drove slowly by Ginty's pond.

Things are slow at the pond, - didn't see any turtles, but you might see a couple of ducks
mid-left in the picture if you enlarge it

The water lilies have thrust their lovely green heads above the water.

and here is a rather dark and mysterious corner of the waterway

some pussy willows along the road

and at the other end of the pond some more ducks and shimmering reflections

We came home around by the Creek to see how the water flowed and how the banks were faring.

Only the willows were vibrant with colour, - the grasses are still sombre and show no greenery

I have been practicing some of the things I am learning about editing in the 
Skinny-Mini Photoshop e Course.  Great fun, although I am still very amateurish -
bear with me......

Supper was done and delicious when we arrived home!


Wanda..... said...

Loved the last two photos... the pond with the shimmering reflections and the long view of the creek. We're starting to see just a touch of green in the honeysuckle bushes.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Another perfect day -- thank you for sharing! Our daughter talked about her blooming pussy willows this weekend -- I miss her and them!

Sallie (wanting desperately to be in two places at once this time of year)

Barb said...

I noticed that you're labeling the photos, Hildred. There is always something new to learn. I like the golden willows shrubs (and the pussy willows, too). This AM on my walk, my favorite willow tree was covered with lime and gold. Dinner sounds yummy!