Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bits and Pieces

This is how I feel my days are, - bits and pieces and somewhat fractured..

Can I blame this on the weather?  It is all in bits and pieces too, and somewhat fractured.  Early in the morning the skies are grey and melancholy;  the sun makes an effort to break through and the sky lightens somewhat, and then finally he (the sun) bursts forth and breaks the grey of the sky into pieces, proclaiming his dominion and carrying with him bright blue skies and if not white clouds, at least pearly grey.

That lasts for an hour or two, and then the wind comes hurtling from the west, causing confusion and chaos, - a few grains of sleety snow swirl around the trees, the starlings all rise in alarm and the sun hurries away behind that same grey sky that bore down upon us in the morning.

All in the name of March - a mecurial and tempermental month if ever there was one!  It is all fits and starts, and one never quite knows where one is with this moody month.

So perhaps I can cast a little blame on the weather for my somewhat melancholy demeanor.  And yet, having lived this long I know that all years are not the same - spring doesn't arrive on a set date, - she either dillies and dallies along the way, or she bursts upon the scene in glorious array before anyone is ready for her.

And then it comes upon me that the blossoms in Japan won't be as sweet this spring, and that I need to apply some Lenten patience and discipline to my wayward whingeing.......and so I do.

It is the Happy Hour and I am off to pour a small libation and toast the Ides of March that will soon be upon us.


Barb said...

Yes, fickle spring! Soon enough March will pass and April will (possibly) be more steady. I, too, am watching the devastation in Japan. I have fronds there who were not in the earthquake zone. However, the entire country is reeling.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The devastation in Japan is unbelievable. I feel that pretty much anything I blog about right now is completely trivial, but I too, at the very least, am declaring my life a no-whine zone.