Sunday, February 06, 2011

A Snowy Sunday

It was probably about six a.m. when the snow started to fall, - at first a fine white curtain, but then as the day advanced and the temperature rose the flakes grew larger and wetter, - perfect for a snowman or a fort, or any other statue that might appeal to your fancy.

It passed through my mind when I went out into the falling flakes that I might build a snowman, - very tempting when the snow is just right!  I had only thought of a simple fellow......

but Google showed me a great array of fabulous snow sculptures, built, of course, mainly in northern countries that are favoured with lots of snow in the winter.  This one really appealed to me....

However, I decided to forego the snowman, and came in for my camera when I saw what a glorious time the small birds were having at the feeder.  The quail flew in to the fence line, and then skimmed the top of the snow to get to where lunch was being served, but not as gracefully as when they seem to float over the grass.

A flock of starling came to rest in the top branches of the curly willow

but something soon startled them, or another passing flock caught their attention,  and they flew off in great swoops and swirls

whereupon they all took up positions in long rows on the wires off to the east, and if you click on the picture you might be able to see them

Late in the afternoon the snow stopped and the sky lightened, just a little, so that it was possible to see the tower behind us

This evening Sid came up with the tractor and cleared the road and the yard and a little path to the bird feeder, and back in the house the double amaryllis opened its beautiful petals a little bit further, and the forsythia glowed golden beside it.

We appreciate the moisture, - it could have come as rain, but then we would not have had the beauty of the snow.

By the way, the pussy willow tree is starting to make furry catkins.


Wanda..... said...

Loved that little snowman standing on his head! The colorful amaryllis, Hildred was a lovely way to end your post of snow scenes!

Barb said...

I love the photos of your snow and your lovely flowers, Hildred. Your spring will be there very soon, and I'll be drooling over your Forsythia bushes.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Beautiful Winter photos with signs of Spring as well. I really do miss the early Spring flowers -- there really is no season like that here in Florida and we almost never get back to the Northwest in time to see them.

Whenever we had a rare snow in Oregon our grass always looked so healthy and beautiful when it melted -- I used to think there must somehow be something in the snow that isn't in the rain. I know it makes no sense at all, but it always seemed so. Maybe it was just the contrast.