Monday, February 14, 2011

February 14th, 2011

This and that.....

Weather report, - this morning the snow lay in lachrymose mounds and strips through the garden, effectively hiding any thrusting shoots which might be trying to check the skies and the whereabouts of Spring.  It was still dark when I arose, and I opened doors and windows to let the fresh morning air into the house.

The temperature was six or seven degrees above zero, and as dawn rimmed the snowy hills a slight breeze came up, gradually accelerating, tumbling, turning somersaults, lifting three or four crows in a lilting ballet above the pasture.  A pseudo Chinook, come to bare the grass and melt the icy patches, it has continued tossing and turned during the day so that now only the snow caught in the dried grasses along the fence line remains in the valley.  Of course the hills are still white, mottled with the green of the pines and firs and the dusky paths of the cracks and crevices, marking the creeks and remnants of past rainstorms that cleared the hills of soil in racing rivulets.

Half an hour ago it started to rain, - not the cold rain of winter, but the soft and tender rain of Spring!!!

It is getting close to Happy Hour.  Twenty-four hours ago we had had tea, and our son and daughter-in-law were just gathering up their things, preparing for the trip home to Summerland.  We lingered at the door, saying goodbyes, and as always, admonishing careful driving and a safe arrival.  Someone remarked that 'it was the other fellow you have to watch out for...........

An hour later we had a phone call from our daughter-in-law to say they had been in an accident. A young fellow  had pulled out of a side road along the Channel Parkway in his monster truck, right into their lane - a great screeching of brakes, the air bags deployed  - there was nowhere for them to go and our daughter-in-law's poor Audi, which is so much a part of her working day and which she cherished, is now wracked and ruined, - beyond repair. Luckily, our dear ones escaped with minor bruises and swellings (so far),

 and the occupant of the monster truck came through unscathed, sitting high above all the carnage.

It causes me to think of Time and Chance - if we had only lingered two or three minutes longer at the door, - if our goodbyes had been lengthened by an extra hug or two, - if they had traveled just a little slower, or just a little faster, this encounter would never have happened and the young, inattentive fellow with his monster truck would have been safely out of the way.  How many of life's pleasures and pains happen by Chance, I wonder.  Ecclesiastics tells us that 'time and chance happeneth to all' and I guess it just leaves us pondering, "if only...."

A River Stone

The Pussy Willows,
peeking over the top of their tight, shiny packaging
peering around for signs of Spring



Barb said...

I do this "what if" sometimes Hildred - it's a futile question. I hope the warm rain is good for your shrubs and bulbs.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh no! I am so glad they weren't hurt. Cars can be replaced. Yes, although we realize that those 'if only' thoughts do no good, we all have them.

I wonder why those monster trucks should be legal.

Reader Wil said...

I am so glad that nothing happened to your family. It is sometimes so dangerous to drive a car.I wish you a very happy weekend.

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

Oh what a worry life causes us....I say a little silent prayer often that everyone will travel away from us with safety... On the flip side however, there is a little grand daughter in our family only 2 months old that the "what if's" all happened in her favor and she was delivered alive and now is doing very well. A dozen things happened that made this possible and none of us even knew they were all happening to form this miracle for our Bethany Faith!

I hope another lovely car is in the future!