Monday, January 31, 2011


From the Archives, because I feel the need to comfort my spirit and set it on a different course than the one where it has been imprisoned by the rather desolate weather this January.

From October 11th, 2008

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

How very basic, and simple.

The dear ones on the Meadow sent this today, in celebration of Thanksgiving.

We had a discussion about things we are thankful for, and Charles, when asked,  said that he was
 thankful just for LIFE, and as he told me after all the rest of the blessings are wrapped up in this one gift granted to him, - especially precious to those who survived the sharp point of the Second World War.

For each new morning with its light!
This is the ultimate gift.

The rest is gravy....

Thanksgiving is somewhat like Christmas - it is the season to be 'thankful' as Christmas is the season of 'good cheer to men of good will'. They each carry their transitory messages which, if we could but hang on to them all through the year, would make this world a much more pleasant place.

They are, alas, but a nine day wonder in the media (well, Christmas maybe a 90 day wonder with its commercialism). However, in a couple of places I have read of a Gratitude Journal being presented as an antidote to depression and a way of lifting one's spirits. Sadness and thankfulness are just not compatible....

I think that keeping a Gratitude Journal is a great idea! So often we get mired down in misery because of things that go wrong, small hurts, sometimes large hurts, - the effects of aging, frustrations and failings, misunderstandings and sometimes just general gloom.

How can you maintain this misery if somewhere you are taking the time to write down the pleasant things. A smile from someone passing, the fragrance of a garden, a child's first wonder at the world around, unburnt toast and fresh coffee, a conversation with a friend, music that stirs memories, - the list of things to be thankful for is endless.

I have a little red leather covered book that will be just perfect for this - expect to see me smiling most all the time!

I have to tell you that the entries in the Gratitude Journal petered out after six months or so.  I would like to think I was too busy in the garden and too contented to feel the need to remind myself of blessings.  

However, now that I am gathering myself together to greet February with a big smile and great enthusiasm, perhaps I will resume recording all the small and wonderful things that make me happy, - or not!  Sometimes we need to be grateful for the things that make us sad, but also teach us something of value.

We have come to the end of January, and her is my 

River Stone #31

Aware, always
with the eyes of a child,
of the great potential
for wonder and awe
and curiosity.

(Kierkegaard said this much more elegantly across in my sidebar)!


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The other day I read something I meant to keep about wishing people enough sadness that they appreciate joy. (It was worded so much better than that; I will try to find it and send it on.) Although obviously you already have a good handle on all ofthis.

I said to Bill yesterday "White Rabbit (3X). Since I read it on your blog I am now superstitious about saying it on the first of every month ;>)

Happy February (and Happy Year of the Rabbit, which I just learned it is on the Chinese calendar).

Hildred and Charles said...

I am looking forward to the Year of the Rabbit, Sallie, - it is said to be a much more pleasant time than the Year of the Tiger. Have some forsythia sticks in bloom, sitting beside the pretty amaryllis, so between the two of them I am encouraged that the days of February will be full and pleasing and will end with the appearance of the bulbs!
Are you enjoying the weather in Florida, - sitting around sunning yourself with cool drinks and a good book!!!! Happy February to you, too.

SoulDragon said...

This is nice, Hildred and Charles - while I am living the journey through breast cancer at the moment, I keep positive by remembering all the things I am thankful for - and actually blogging comes up trumps currently, as we can share so much with nice people. Also my cat, who doesn't answer back and loves me unconditionally, my music, books and movies - all when i need to stay shut in. I do get out to my little garden however, and have discovered two new buds on my magnolia, which is a bit exciting. Hope the weather is better for you this month - we've been getting hot and muggy here.....