Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Being rather antiquated, besides being retired, I don't play the organ very often any more.  I fill in where I'm needed, and nobody yet has taken over the organ at funerals, so unless the bereaved import some more sophisticated music you will usually finding me playing the Prelude while the church fills for the service.

This morning, while Charles was away singing, I began to gather my music together for Friday's service.
I pondered about whether to play old hymns, which are often familiar even to those who only enter the church for funerals and weddings (both of which are often celebrated outside the church, and I use the word 'celebrated'  for a funeral service as they are often re-named ' Celebrations of Life'.)

Oh dear, I got distracted.  I pondered over whether to play old familiar hymns or some of the gentle, comforting classics.  My question was answered when I asked the family, who prefer classics.

Tonight I went looking for less complicated versions of Pachelbel's Canon in D,   - it is very jarring when you  hit a wrong note in those long, slow introductory chords and I like to make things easy for myself and my ego....  The other Bach and Handel pieces in my small repertoire present no problems and while I was putting them in order I caught the end of the Oprah show in the background, and her discussion with a gentleman whose name I never did catch about the value of gifts that make a lasting difference in our lives and those material things that please us for a short time (I think they mentioned nine months) and then are forgotten.

And I thought about the gift of music, and the lasting pleasure I was given with the opportunity to study the piano, and felt a great warmth of gratitude for this gift which makes life more pleasant for both Charles and I, because he loves music and gets to listen when I play Scott Joplin for him every morning and I get the joy of doing this!!

A River of Stones
River Stone #26

A rush of syncopated music
and the day begins
on a high note

P.S.  This is Post #700


Wanda..... said...

I love your morning ritual of piano playing,, photos, books, nature and memories are a few of the lasting things I appreciate. My computer though gives me the pleasure of visiting friends I would never have known otherwise!

Barb said...

What - 700 posts!!! How is that even possible? I like your daily playing ritual for Charles (and yourself) and like the stone you wrote to celebrate it. I always yearned for a piano and lessons when I was growing up. No money for either but I appreciate the music all the same.

Dimple said...

Congratulations on the milestone! 700 posts, wow!

Music is a gift and a reward, and this post brought memories of my mother, who also played. Thank you!

Rowan said...

I have never learned to play a musical instrument though I've always thought I'd love to be able to play the piano. My son and his wife have acquired a piano so hopefully my grandsons will gain a pleasure in their lives that I have missed.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

You are so talented in so many ways! I love the morning ritual. Thank you as always for sharing.