Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The answers to What?

What Delights Me?

At this very moment a book I picked up at the local outreach shop (the Bargain Centre where I put in hours).

A Treasure of Terms & Literary Quotations for Readers & Writers.
The Describer's Dictionary by David Grambs.

I don't plan to write a review but I have to say that what appeals to me most about the book is the accompanying descriptive passages from a diverse number of writers from
novelists to naturalists and other non-fiction writers.

I adore descriptive writing - a good paragraph which paints an evocative literary image
 gives me quite as much pleasure as a well done portrait or landscape.

I open the book at random and find these words from Nostromo by Joseph Conrad
"Then, as the midday sun withdraws from the gulf the shadow of the mountains the clouds begin to roll out of the lower valleys.  They swathe in sombre tatters the naked crags of precipices above the wooded slopes, hide the peaks, smoke in stormy trails across the snows of Higuerota.  The Cordillera is gone from you as if it had dissolved itself into great piles of grey and black vapours that travel out slowly to seaward and vanish into thin air all along the front before the blazing heat of the day."

Marvelous, - just like opening a box of candy and having it filled with all your favourites!

What Lightens my Heart?

News that my sister will finally be able to leave the Intensive Care Unit where she has been since the 4th of June after a serious heart operation, and that the depression which has oppressed her for all this time has finally lifted and she is once again enthusiastic about living, ready to regain her strengthen and take up her ties to those who love her.  I am impatient for her move to a Ward where the Internet is one of the perks, and we can once again enjoy the marvels of modern communication, - two old ladies sending instant messages up and over the Rocky Mountains!!

What is it that Dismays me?

I am currently reading Chris Hedges 'Empire of Illusion' and this I am accomplishing in fits and snatches.  A snatch is about all I can stand before I have a fit of despair at the picture he paints of the state of affairs in the United States of America.  A regular Jeremiah, and I am hoping the glass is not as empty as he makes out..

I am sorry you cannot click to look inside!  It is his sub-title that drew me to the book - 'The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle'.  It is a concept I am quite in agreement with.  I shudder at Facebook and Twitter and at the minimal use of actual words in the communications they host.  To say nothing of adjectives or adverbs or any other kind of civilized and entertaining epistles.

And when you consider the Triumph of Spectacle, alas, his examples are all too blatant and pernicious.
Hedges describes a certain meanness that feeds the Celebrity Ego, and a diminishing of generosity and civility throughout society.

I sigh, and put the book aside, horrified that what he says may be true - to the extent that he says it is!

Here is the little dog, enquiring about a walk in the dusk, and so we will put cares aside and go out into the coolness of the evening and the sweet scented path through the garden, and all will be well......all will be well.


Penny said...

We are about to have federal elections here tomorrow and we could possibly have a hung parliament. Not good for any one, but I despair of politicians who say "I" to often and not "we".

Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

what Hedges forgets is that most of the of the population of the U.S is too busy living life, going to work, loving our families to bother with text-ing etc. That form of nothingness belongs to the younger crowd.

I'm so very happy about your sister. I hope she does better and better, what a long weary time she has had.