Friday, July 09, 2010

A night out.......

Since getting ancient we favor evenings with the rocking chair, the knitting, a little TV to encourage dozing, a game or two of Free Cell and a bit of surfing on the Internet.

But last night we were treated to a most marvelous evening - dinner at the Dream Cafe with our oldest son and his wife, and afterwards a performance by Boogie Woogie pianist Michael Kaeshammer, drummer Mark McLean and bass Marc Rodgers.

We had a lovely drive to Penticton, - incredible greens through the pass, - the yellowy green of the lake glittering in the evening sun, the brightness of the surrounding trees, that have flourished in the cool June weather, and the pale, pale green of the grasses along the lakeshore.

I didn't have my camera, - but never mind - enjoy the concert. Ignore the three instrumentalists in the back, - the Dream Cafe is not big enough to hold them, but the trio were remarkably attuned to each other and great entertainers.

It was a lovely present for which we send hugs and kisses and many thanks.


Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a fine gift from your son. And what a great evening it sounds!

(As a fellow-ancient, your regular evenings don't sound all that bad either though!)

Barb said...

I can actually see it in my mind's eye just from your description, Hildred. It sounds like a wonderful evening of music and visiting with family.