Monday, May 17, 2010

A welcome visitor..

A pretty sky to greet us as Caspar and I opened the door for our five a.m. business trip.

We had gone to bed amongst great excitement in the heavens - dazzling sheets of lightening followed almost immediately by thunderous drum rolls that echoed around the house.

Wild weather for man and beast, and also birds!

Mid-morning and Charles came looking for me so that I could meet our newest feathered visitor and perhaps offer a little sustenance to this iridescent homing pigeon.

I can imagine this bird, steady on course for home and then running into such confusion in the skies that  he would surely tire and perhaps lose direction.  Homing pigeons have such an affinity with the earth, either magnetically or with a built in direction finder, and I'm sure with all these magical attributes this particular pigeon would know - somehow - that right below him lived a lady who just two short weeks ago posted a blog entitled P for Pigeons, and that he would be assured of a hearty welcome and a good rest before he continued his journey.

Which he did this evening, after a long afternoon nap on the roof of the travel trailer cum weaving studio.  He moved first to the ridge of the house, and after gathering himself together and focusing all that magical equipment he carries with him, with a whir and a wave of the wings he was off!

I wished him bon boyage, - a safe trip and a loving welcome from those who watched for him at home!


Dar said...

You write with such flair. Lovely tribute to the homing pigeon. I'm sure he relished the treat so he could 'carry on'.
On looking back, your Oriental Peony is a sight for sore eyes. Love it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Hildred == I don't always comment when I drop by. Sometimes I only have time to look and dream and admire. I love how you change up the header photo from time to time and those columbines you have now are just beautiful.