Saturday, April 17, 2010

A week on the Road

For us stay-at-homes this has been an unusual week - hopping into the car, up and over the various passes that lead out of the valley, taking pictures - snap, snap out the window , and enjoying the drive and the arrival.

Wednesday Charles forewent (is that a word, - forego, foregone, forewent????) his morning singing at the senior's centre to meet for lunch with old friends and schoolmates at the Penticton Golf Club.  Two or three times a year those members of the Class of '42 who live nearby meet to chat and enjoy each other's company.

THE CLASS OF '42 - at least three times I overheard other people at the club say in awe "I wasn't even born then"!  Well yes, perhaps you weren't, but we were, and although it wasn't my own class reunion I have grown to have a great affection for all these dear friends.

The weather was pleasant and the camera kept clicking on the way over the pass.  The tender green of the trees, tentatively unfurling each small leaf,  and the blend of blues in lake and sky combined to speak of Spring.

On Thursday we started off to the south to visit our VERY old friend, a century plus two!  

I took advantage of some clever software to stitch together two pictures of the lower Similkameen valley where the river is wending its way into the State of Washington.

The Olalla (Saskatoon) bushes dotted the hillside as we traveled the road up to the pass, and on the way back the first hint of Black-eyed Susans showed golden amidst the grey of the sage.

Today another quick trip to Penticton to play just one piece in a bell concert that wound up a workshop.

Oh look at how green Yellow Lake is today as it ripples and shimmers in the sunshine.

And at Luscious Lake the willows that line the water are reflected gloriously in the calm water.

It was raining in fits and starts and the countryside was washed clean, her springtime colours glowing and vibrant.

We have one more trip to make tomorrow, to attend a Pioneers' Tea and Reception where we hope to see friends of our youth and our middle years, all grown dear with past associations and friendships.

There is nought better to be 
With noble souls of company: 
There is nought dearer than to wend 
With good friends faithful to the end. 
This is the love whose fruit is sweet; 
Therefore to abide within is meet.
 ~Mahabharata (B.C.400) 


Dimple said...

Thank you for a visit with your home and friends. You live in a lovely area.

Barb said...

Hi Hildred, You have certainly been busy, busy! Your photos of spring in your valley and beyond are gorgeous. I love the willows reflected in the water and all the blossoming colors of your springtime. So many different shades of green! Glad you and Charles enjoyed your visits with friends. Smiles to you.