Friday, March 19, 2010

Making over the Garden or What C.A. and Cam accomplished in one Short Day

Well, it was a sweet, pale sunrise, - nothing spectacular or flashy - just an endearing and demure beginning to what the weatherman promised would be a pleasant day.

We lingered over breakfast, waiting for Cam and Cindy Anne to arrive with their garden gloves and shovels, - a lovely gesture from our oldest granddaughter and her husband.

And when they came what miracles they performed. One forgets how energetic the forties are, - how easy it is to dig and and how speedy it is divide the plants and conquer the coutch grass and the underground Chinese Lantern Subway when the roots of its line show up....

Cindy Anne digs up the Barn Flower

Divides it, and puts it into plastic bags - some to take home,

some to entice other people to plant it in their gardens....

and some Cam and Charles transplanted to other parts of the garden.

After lunch we divided and bagged up some more perennials

to give the garden plants room to expand.

And then we went and gathered up

the two table looms

for C.A. and one of her students,

both of them eager to weave

and me,

so happy to send them where they will be used

and cherished and bring two more weavers

into the fold!!

And the dear girl relieved me of some of the wool stash too!!!

Altogether a most satisfactory day.

I took some pictures of the daffodils and violets and the emerging blooms

on the forsythia

The rest of the eager and vibrant plants

I will put here

In the Garden Diary.


Barb said...

I see you've called in the cavalry to ambush the Chinese Lantern, Hildred. Time will tell who will win that battle...
Those early blooms are gorgeous. We got a foot of snow in Denver today.

Strawberry Jam Anne said...

What a lovely day and how marvellous that your grand-daughter and husband are so willing to help you. Beautiful pictures of your Spring flowers.

Wanda said...

Your spring flowers are beautiful, Hildred. Doesn't it feel good to give things you cherish a good home. It's like transplanting the roots of love!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a gorgeous post! Both the pictures and the lovely story -- how great to have your grandchildren enjoy the same things you do! They (and you) are very fortunate.

And for the later post with the full rainbow -- I thought the last picture in your first Skywatch was the one David took. I thought it was a full rainbow -- but I see the new picture is "even fuller". Thanks for all of the sharing.

I miss the shy spring blossoms now that we're down here in the subtropics.

Hildred and Charles said...

Oh Barb, these are just the first skirmishes, - I see no end to the battle but it somewhat energizes one!
Our help has promised to return first chance they get, - they are both secondary school teachers, so their gardening times are limited.

Wanda, what a lovely way to put it, - transplanting the roots of love when you find as good home for beloved objects.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures of spring flowers Anne, and Sallie, think of the wonderful tropical plants you are enjoying in their stead. Still, the spring blooms have a freshness and appeal all their own.

Many thanks for your visits...