Monday, November 02, 2009

November, - to me it has always been the most poignant of months.

I am trying to change my perception, and to look upon it as a month of opportunity, comfort and a drawing in to the sweetness of home. A new season, new ventures, - a little knitting plan, perhaps a celebratory lunch out with friends; a little time each day at the piano and some new ragtime to learn. Oh, I can see the possibilities.

Here are some pictures to brighten up the melancholy month.....

There is a big pot of apples simmering on the stove, - the smell is absolutely delicious.

I am off to squish them into applesauce, - another bright spot in November!!!


Barb said...

Wonderful, Hildred - all your photos make me celebrate Nov! Your sky is glorious. I can almost smell the apples simmering. By the way - I made the orange muffins - delicious! Thanks.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh yes, there are loads of sweet possibilities!!