Sunday, October 04, 2009

She who has gone, so we but cherish her memory, abides with us, more potent, nay, more present than the living.
Antoine de Saint-Exupery (with some liberties).

Dorothy Emily Grace
Born Feb. 16th 1902, died October 4th, 1957

One of the first memories I have of my Mother is of her singing 'Ramona' as she swept the kitchen floor.

To be honest I did truly remember this when I was younger. Now, I remember that I remembered it, but it still fills me with loving memories when I hear the song.

I cannot say enough about the courage with which she faced life, or the spirit which kept her sweet and loving and unselfish to the end. A lady of immense courage and bravery, she bore a painful and sometimes agonizing illness with an accepting heart.

To the world and to her friends she showed a warm and loving spirit, - always encouraging, always providing an inspiration to those who found life's burdens troublesome and came to her for cheering.

She has been a light to lighten our lives, - mine and my sister's, and hopefully through us she has touched our families with her ever loving courage.


Barb said...

A wonderful, touching tribute to your Mother, Hildred. We can only hope that the best in the past generation is somehow manifest in us. I still think of my own mother daily and miss her though she's been gone over 25 years.

Barb said...

PS I meant to tell you that I really like the fall header!

Hildred said...

Thanks Barb, - I try to keep my mother's memory alive for as long as possible, - she has been a tremendous influence on my life, and I hope that influence will strengthen another generation.

Reader Wil said...

What a great tribute to your mother. She was a beautiful lady, too young to die. Thanks for sharing!