Friday, October 16, 2009

I was busy making applesauce when the call came...

Well, not an actual call, - just an intuitive peek out the window that told me there was a definite need for a Go-fer outside.

We spent the morning gathering up hoses and blowing the last drops of water out of them with the air compressor.

We have a fairly comprehensive watering system that Charles has devised to keep labour to a minimum, but as a consequence some hoses don't ever get moved and the grass grows tangled over them, securing them firmly to the earth beneath them.

One of these stationary hoses travels along underneath the fence, behind the compost storage, and through the pumpkin vines. While I was moving the grass that entrapped
the hose what to my wondering eyes did appear? (Wondering eyes see things in the autumn as well as at Christmas when reindeer fly....)

Three large pumpkins that had grown at the end of vines that had wandered off into the orchard, well hidden under the grasses.

What a lovely surprise!

Added to the two I had already harvested that makes FIVE pumpkins....

And what will I do with fifty pounds of pumpkin????

Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cake, pumpkin pies (oh, definitely) -

Can I get away with pumpkin soup?

I could make jack-0-lanterns but alas, we are not exactly in the country that the goblins frequent any more - off the beaten track, so to speak, even for witches and broomsticks.

It was a pleasant morning, - mild and calm. There was blue sky, and saddened colours in the trees and bushes. I could hear the walnuts clattering into the pail as Ruth-next-door picked them up off the ground where they had fallen from the denuded trees when Jack Frost decided to vacation here on the week-end.

Some blue sky, white clouds and a subdued maple.

Delicate grasses

A welcome to the coolness and shade in the orchard....

And the first tentative blooms in the Chrysanthemum bed...

Altogether a really pleasing day!

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