Monday, August 17, 2009

"Let me enjoy
this late-summer day of my heart
while the leaves are still green
and I won't look so close
as to see that first tint
of pale yellow slowly creep in.
I will cease endless running
and then look to the sky
ask the sun to embrace me
and then hope she won't tell
of tomorrows less long than today.
Let me spend just this time
in the slow-cooling glow
of warm afternoon light
and I'd think
I will still have the strength
for just one more
last fling of my heart."
- John Bohrn, Late August

Up at the top of one of the scarlet maples a small twig turns yellow, tipped with crimson.

The large sunflowers host a bevy of small birds, feasting from a plate of seeds surrounded by fading petals.

In the orchard they are picking delicious sweet plums, the apples begin to colour and somewhere the pears start to ripen.

Twilight comes early, and morning dawns late. This morning I was drawn from my bed just after four o'clock, and was treated to a lovely pre-dawn sight of the thin crescent moon, with Venus, a jewel hanging beneath it.

I love September, but 'let me enjoy this late summer day of my heart, while leaves are still green.......' and the asters and sedum and mums slowly prepare to slide into their brilliant autumn splendour.

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