Friday, May 22, 2009

Six things that make me happy, among 106 at least.

By nature I am a happy, contented person, and so it is a pleasure to accept an invitation to list six things that make me happy.

1. Our marriage brings me deep and happy fulfillment. Despite the ups and downs of relationships this one seems to have had a lot of chemistry to keep it buoyed up!

2. Music makes me happy, - in particular playing the piano. I can lose an hour easily at the keyboard, and it is not only the music I play but the memories it rouses.

3. I love to garden, - a busy life before we retired kept the gardening to vegetables, but now getting my hands into the soil is my passion.

4. It give me a lot of happiness when I have an opportunity to chat, lightly or at depth, with our grown up children.

5. Reading, reading, reading..... All kinds of reading, - the kind you underline and make marginal notes and the kind you just enjoy for a good story well told.

6. One of the most delightful ways to spend an afternoon is to go driving with Charles and the camera. He has such a good eye for pictures, and I have a quick finger on the button, - especially when we are taking pictures out of the car window. Otherwise, I have good legs for hopping out of the car and finding the best spot from which to aim the camera. Nice companionship, too.

Now, I love the mathematics involved in weaving, and preparing a warp, and I'm always happy having lunch out with old friends. I like to knit. It makes me happy to put on some good music and spend a morning baking (tired legs, though) and tea with grandchildren is a great delight. There are a lot of things that put a smile on my face, but these will suffice for now...

What tickles your fancy?????


The Weaver of Grass said...

Another six simple things that cost little and mean so much. Aren't we all lucky?

Hildred said...

Oh, I think that so often during the day, - and sometimes during the night. Yes, we are so very lucky.