Thursday, March 05, 2009

What came in the Post Today.....

Some days it isn't worth stopping for the mail, but today we hit the jackpot.

I opened the post box door and was excited to see the parcel key sitting at the front edge...the present had arrived for great grandson #2 who celebrates his first birthday on Sunday. William Lincoln - named after his father, his paternal grandfather, his maternal great grandfather and his paternal great-great grandfather, the latter two both born on Lincoln's birthday. A sturdy lad, - bonny and sweet dispositioned.

We had ordered a beautiful hand made wooden top for him, from Wishin' on a Star (see my sidebar and do open the site and exclaim over the wonderfully crafted tops for children - and adults.}

When I arrived home I stopped to put the kettle on, but then quickly opened the box I had carried in. Over tea we unpacked the top, the extra launcher and the nice wooden display block.

I saw my Tea Companion's eyes light up and his fingers begin to twitch!!! In no time he had proclaimed First Dibs and was busily winding the launching cord.....

Look, see how finely balanced it is! It twirls for nigh on to four minutes. Won't the little one be wide eyed! As for the adults, I think it is in the same class of contention as a miniature railroad, prompted by deep childhood memories.

The other two items in the post box bore dreams and promises and turned me right away from March and into the midst of summer.

Gorgeous, fantastic, bewitching flower catalogs that promise more than the heart and reality can bear. The garden is already jam packed with heady roses and lilies, delphinium and peonies, and a dozen other favourites. Where can I find room for a cutting garden? Or for the butterfly blue scabiosa or the pink pampas grass? Or the hardy evergreen Bamboo, - perhaps along the west side of the garage? I am beguiled into dreams, but have been down this garden path before and know that at the end of it lies stark reality! No room, no room - not enough energy - be content!

A lovely haul from the post box, - probably tomorrow will bring only bills and flyers, but today was a bonus. And on Sunday we will go and have birthday cake with the darling little boy.

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Grammie said...

Oh my are we enjoying the top experiment! The cookies looked good also. That was so great to see the top in action. So glad our address boo book didn't delay it.

Smiles from both of us!