Sunday, March 15, 2009

0h March, - you crazy mixed up month!

Yesterday, from the top of an apple tree which he was pruning, # 3 Son used his Cell Phone to alert me to the presence of a meadowlark in the near vicinity, and thus claims the honour of the first kid to tell mother about the arrival of the meadowlarks, - dear creatures who put end to the rumour that winter will go on forever this year....

Today I heard another one,
and whilst walking Caspar early in the day I saw a big fat robin
resting in the neighbour's cherry tree.

Charles and I drove by the Lost Garden that we left behind when we moved,
inspecting the shrubs and hazelnut trees that the farmer is going to tear up this spring, to make room for crops!
We imagined the Viburnum and the Hibiscus and the climbing Hydrangea lining a pathway around the periphery of the garden.....

When we stopped at the grocery store after church
there were encouraging patches of blue sky.

The girl at the check out counter had smelled skunk this morning.

The wind came up and blew wildly,
this way and that.

When I came out of the grocery store
there were light flakes of snow floating on the wind.

The last pile of icy snow in the garden
has finally released
the Hellebores.

Just down the valley a farmer set his pruning pile alight,
and smoked billowed up to meet the low clouds.

Tonight the air was mild,
and the sky had turned the tender blue of spring.

Across the valley a hollow near the mountain top
held an ephemeral mist,
Spring's hide-away perhaps?


The Weaver of Grass said...

What a lovely post - all those spring signs and then a bit of snow thrown in! It is always sad when a garden one has created is destroyed - but we have to move on and create another one,
Your header is so beautiful - everytime I get on to it I feel that it is almost an underwater show - there is an etherealness to it somehow.

Hildred and Charles said...

It's not so hard to leave a garden in loving hands, but our poor garden has been woefully neglected and is surviving on courage. I would just love to swoop it all up and bring it home for a ton of TLC...