Wednesday, February 11, 2009

After dark, when all the mystery happens, I put away my daily persona and with a touch of the magical mouse I turn into a wanderer of the night, - a Nomad in Blogland. An enchanting country where I find the most charming illusions, the most captivating word pictures and the most imaginative and creative stories.

My world expands as the magic mouse leads me down the lists of Spectacular Blogs, and a click of his little left ear takes me into posts of such beauty and detailed description that I turn crimson with pleasure and green with envy.

I am intriqued with my journeys to different lands, to the writings of different generations, to the appealing way certain writers have of interpreting the world of their imagination. And the marvelously commonplace words that invite you to share the smallest of details in their lives. I am sometimes absorbed in the knowledge they impart, and sometimes buoyed by the light-hearted and humourous posts. And the pictures! There, - look at that wonderful composition, see the brightness, the mysterious, the prosaic, the pastoral, the sea, the sky, the rocks, the hills, the architecture, the land, the flowers and the trees, - and the beautiful faces.

It is mesmerizing to be moved a world away to a farm, a stream, a village or a city, - to find oneself absorbed in the intimate atmosphere of a family, and to be enchanted by so many diverse ways of living, of thinking, of place and of language.

For the 'ancients' it is an incredible place to be, and the technology that joins the world together so awesome as to be almost unbelievable.

I give great thanks that I have lived so long that I am able to make these fascinating journeys, and I come back to bedtime with a smile on my face and great satisfaction in my heart. As well as a comforting realization that the more things change the more they remain the same, - and that in the very depths of it all there is a bond that holds us all together in kindness and generosity and a wonderful spirit of acceptance.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Hildred, that is exactly how I feel about blogs. There are a few which so inspire me - with art work, textiles, country walks - I can visit them all and then return home for my nightly cup of horlicks with very little effort.

Hildred said...

Weaver, I think it is the imagination and the beautiful painterly language that really moves me...and leaves me in awe.

I do admire people who are so mindful of beauty, and are able to express it in such a lilting way.

Willo said...

Ah, Hildred, you have done it again; written so beautifully that I am again grateful for your lovely talent.