Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some thoughts...

My days seem fractured, - a week of damp, gloomy, shrouded weather have left me feeling sapped of energy and enthusiasm. Not despondent, not despairing and not dejected - just entertaining a little melancholy.....

I play a little music and read a bit (The Last Lecture and Peter Ackroyd's 'Sacred River).

Thoughts of warping the loom pass through my mind, but before I can do the math they dissipate amongst the clouds.

I contemplate the state of the kitchen cupboards and my bureau drawers, and if I tackle one I am momentarily exhilarated, but alas, not enough to engender a full blown clean out.

Husband is attempting a DIY method of transferring some precious pioneer tape interviews to CD, the better to preserve them. I call upon all sources of grace to preserve my patience and contain my frustration. I have so little knowledge to help him, but search the net for answers, - suspecting all the while that the only sane answer is to go to an electronic shop and buy a dratted machine that does the job in the wink of an eye, and with as little effort.

This project takes up many a morning hour, and I suppose at one and the same time it is a bane and a blessing to have this 'togetherness'......if you know what I mean!

I made a couple of apple pies the other day, and that lifts the spirits. So does the eating of them, but alas, they are all gone now.

I have a little bowl of creamy hyacinths just coming into bloom, and the late potted amaryllis are starting to thrust the beginnings of sturdy green stems through the round, rough bulbs.

The Christmas cactus, which refused to acknowledge the season, has lovely quarter inch buds on it...and the quail come twice a day to feed...

All is not lost, - the sun will return, or we will go to Penticton and search it out where it shines on the high passes. And Groundhog Day is only a couple of weeks away. I will be very cross if we have endured all these dark, glum, shadowless days only to have it bright and sunny on the 2nd of February.

I yearn for spring and early mornings in the garden....

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