Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Last Sunday in Advent

A fresh fall of snow and Caspar and I made new footprints as we investigated the early morning garden - the round flowers of the sedum carrying jaunty hats and the roofs of the birdhouses looking very alpine and Christmassy.

I took my white bell playing gloves to church and our Handbell ringers played the Angelus for a Prelude.

Part way through the opening hymn I looked up from the organ and my heart gave a nice comfortable little thump when I spied our 'furthest away' son and his Dear Wife, home for Christmas and sitting with Husband in the back row.

It was a lovely, musical service with bell music throughout - the sermon was fitting and thoughtful, musing on Mary's bravery and generosity in accepting the task the Angel brought her to fulfil. When we sang the last hymn I could hear those dear familiar male voices singing lustily from the back row.

When one gets ancient all time spent with family is precious, and so lunch and tea and an afternoon of visiting and listening to #1 son's wonderfully strong left hand accompaniment to the carols he played, brought us a lot of joy and love, (which is what the fourth Sunday in Advent is all about).
The day had a nice plus with a quick visit from Katie and Will, bearing gifts to and fro.....

I look forward to the next three days, without any commitments and free for us to prepare leisurely for Christmas Eve - a little bit of baking still to do, a scarf half knit, a batch of peanut brittle to make, a few presents still to wrap, but all to the glorious fragrances of Christmas and the sounds of carols and BoneyM.

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