Thursday, August 28, 2008

Summer Skies

I was appalled to read an item in last week's issue of our local weekly newspaper wherein the Editor repeated and gave some validity to a tale told by a visitor to the Review Office concerning
the Chemtrail conspiracy theory. If he printed the item tongue in cheek it was difficult to discern the slight bulge.... Oh fiddlesticks, thought I.

I was even more disturbed to find two letters in this week's paper, supporting this theory. One unsigned, and the other from New Mexico.

I admit that in some there is a tendency to be gullible about the inherent 'goodness' of people, but I also see all around me the same naivety that allows people to accept that global warming is a result of our careless greedy ways; and the inherent 'evil' behind the 911 Conspiracy stories; and this latest interpretation of the HAARP Program. It is credited with being a secret missile tracking system; high altitude spraying to control minds, weather, crops; biological warfare experiments, and the reason why the sky is no longer blue and the stars no longer shine.

Well, out here in the country, the skies are sometimes the colour of the babies' blue eyes, sometimes delft, sometimes cornflower, occasionally violet or delphinium. And they range from these soft shades to the most brilliant lapis lazulis.

And all this summer Jupiter has been a glowing light in the south. In the spring Orion's Belt seemed almost close enough to buckle it around your waist. I see no sign of the stars becoming dimmer, here where there are no artificial lights to obscure their brilliance.

How sad to be so paranoid.

post script: It came to me in the night that sometimes the sky is periwinkle blue, a heavenly bowl of the softest, sweetest blue of all......


Willo said...

After too many days of preoccupation with politics; I find my way back to you as I make good use of the few minutes before we leave for Saturday night church services.

I checked out Sarah Palin's blog and I fear someone has 'messed with it.' I googled her name and a photo of the family that came up first, had been infiltrated.

I cannot resist using you wonderful sky photos as desktop wallpaper. Thank you for your photography! Willo

Hildred said...

Willo, thank you for pointing out the problem with the Sarah Palin Blog (Poem of the Week). I guess I will delete all reference to it, - what a shame that it has been 'messed with' - ah well, mysterious things happen. And some that are not so mysterious.

I am so pleased to share our skies with you, - I can hardly wait for October when they are at their brightest and best. Hildred