Sunday, August 03, 2008

SATURDAY MORNING and Husband and I tackled the LeClerc (loom) which has taken up residence in the trailer we have not used for travelling for lo these many years, - since we got older (than we were) and the little dog got Ancient and past his days of 'oh good, we're going somewhere'.....

The loom is a little cramped for space, but perfectly happy to be out and about in the sunshine and feeling loved and wanted again.

This was my first floor loom. It came new to me in the late sixties, and we are so comfortable together. We've been through a lot of learning experiences and a few frustrations, but on the whole our adventures have been happy and productive. In the house we left the space I had for weaving was enormously generous, and the LeClerc sat beside the much bigger Glimakra, and she was never neglected until we downsized and there was no room for her.

Saturday morning Husband and I removed her sectional beam, which he had built with great innovation about ten years ago. Alas, there was no room for all the accessories, and so we are winding warps and using the back to front traditional warping we learned at the beginning.

There are so many happy memories associated with this trailer, - camping and fishing with friends and family, and that lovely freedom and energy you have to wander in those first retirement years.

Now, where once all the paraphernalia we needed for these adventures crammed the cupboards, boxes of yarn and shelves of books and shuttles and heddles keep company with an enthusiasm which I hope is not too unrealistic...
In anticipation of putting the old trailer to this wonderful new use Husband built a little flower bed along the front of the trailer which I planted with wild flowers. And a sunflower wandered along and put down roots just at the doorway....

Ah - perfect contentment. And a great rush of enthusiasm!

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Fonnell/Grammie/mom said...

I understand! I feel your words....And you must have the most colorful blog on the web. Love to just go up and down and enjoy all the color!

What a nice blog to read.

Missing my loom and planning for the fall!