Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Garden changes day by day - imperceptibly- as roses fade and retire to rest before their next summer flush, and the bulbs lie buried with no limp stems to reveal their hideaway. Even the Shastas, which a week ago were fresh and vigorous are now badly in need of deadheading.

The zinnias that I was late in planting are about to take over in the slim borders, and every day the tomatoes and the cucumbers grow a little larger.

The bright yellow season of July and August begins to brighten up the perimeter of the garden as the first sunflowers break forth their beauteous smile and the barn flower reaches skyward with its cheery yellow blossoms.

But the faithful flax, sweet and strong and sturdy, early every morning opens those lovely blue eyes to whisper good day - all summer long.

They remind me of the summer congregation at church who rise for early morning service...

And all along the front border the volunteer lambs ears graze and provide a busy little factory for a million and five honey bees....

Latest news on Crepe de Chine -thoughtful grandson who is more adept than I at surfing the net, has provided me with a site to order the Long Lost Perfume....what a guy!

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