Thursday, June 12, 2008

The garden in June is a lovely mix of Monet colours. Early in the spring yellow and gold seems to predominate. In July and August the colours are more flamboyant while Autumn mixes its subtle earthy colours with the flaming scarlets of the maple and the sumac.

This little garden of ours is not big enough for all my wishes. It is now in its third year, and is bursting with vitality, - the green force pushes the plants to their most gorgeous limits. I walk down the pathway that divides the two beds, and find that my version of an English Garden is turning into a small jungle. Even though I have banished the sunflowers to the outer edges where they grow surreptitiously under the delphinium and the curly willow.

But at every step I find a treasure, - a rose, just opening; the blue flax reflecting the sky in the early morning; the lavender that wafts a sweet perfume as I brush by; the poppies, beautiful and blowsy, and almost transparent in the morning sun.

I try to capture each precious fragment of beauty, - when the petals fall they find a resting place in a big basket of potpourri. The camera is my friend and companion on our early morning visits when the sweet light prevails.

Vista has not been kind or cooperative, but here is a small video of the garden in June. If there are duplicate pictures you will know they have been added by the little green men who have invaded the PC......although I can't honestly hold them responsible for the snow on the mountains we wakened to a few days ago. Is this chilly June what they mean by climate warming????

Music by Gottschalk - Printemps d'amour. Cut off a little before it should have been by the little green men, - who else?

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Fonnell said...

clap, clap, clap.
Great preformance Spring!
Keep on bloomin!