Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The little old dog is lying at my feet, sleeping. It is one of the pleasures of his life as he copes with being both deaf and blind.

Old age is upon him, and he moves more slowly than he did even just a few months ago. Still, occasionally he waves his tail like an eager flag as he proceeds Husband and his cart down the road.

It is difficult for him to locate the direction of a voice, calling to him, and he is startled by sharp sounds and things that go snap in the night. I see the bewilderment in his face. and in the hesitation when he turns the wrong way, - away from familiar paths. He is developing independent ways as he copes with this strange new world of shadows and diminished hearing.

We are careful to be patient and loving.

My heart catches when I see him favouring a cool damp spot in the garden to make a comfortable bed, as so many of our dogs have done before him as they looked for comfy places to nap in their old age.

He has been with us for thirteen years, and we were all more lively when he first came to share our lives and met up with Mr. Jake.

Nevertheless, life is still good, - interesting and challenging.... And Husband and Dog and I all treasure our days together, with Cat around to keep us on our toes...

Patience is our watchword ...........

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