Thursday, April 17, 2008

Today, in The Review, there is a sweet picture of a dozen or so little girls. Some are dressed in striped shirts with a bright kerchief. Sparks perhaps, or Brownies. Some may even be Girl Guides out of uniform.

They are selling Girl Guide cookies, - the kind that has to be hidden from Husband if I am generous and buy a number of packages.

Just a few years ago they would arrive on my doorstep, being very entrepreneurial and driven on their rounds by a parent. And it was a joy to have a little conversation as we carried out our trade. For them a few dollars support, and for Husband and me the chance to enjoy the traditional cookies. Separate the layers - eat the one with icing first......

Longer ago than that Daughter #2 canvassed the neighbourhood with cookies, probably accompanied by another small Brownie, and it was a lark and an adventure.

On Saturday the Keremeos Girl Guides will be selling their Girl Guide cookies at Bob and Ev's Custom Framing on 7th Avenue, across from The Review. Will it be fun for them? Oh, probably, - everything is fun for giggly girls. Will it be an adventure, - will it be a contact with the community, - will they be welcomed into a home that is not often visited by young people - well, sadly not. A bitter commentary on the fear that permeates today's society. And unfortunately with good reason.....

When daughter #2 was first a Brownie she was too young to go to camp unaccompanied, and so I went with her, - helped with the cooking and the crafts and enjoyed myself immensely.

When I was first a Brownie I was too young to be an "Official Brownie" and so I spent the time while everyone else was To Whit to Whooing sitting under the Toadstool in the centre of the circle.

Eventually the months passed and Brown Owl accepted me into the Pack as a Sprite - I still have the badge. Did we wear sporty striped shirts with bright kerchiefs? Alas, - no. Did we learn how to tie knots, and cook at campfires, earn badges and become good citizens, - oh yes...

This picture is ca 1931 - probably taken on the day of my induction. Look at that shiny new brown uniform, - those seductive stockings, held up with garters and always a little baggy at the knees. No slacks for these Brownies..... The HAT - and the scarf, tied just so.

Different times, - simpler times. But we played Run Sheep Run and Kick the Can outdoors in the evenings, unencumbered by fear. We were not exposed to the violence of television, - we read books that stirred the imagination and created pictures in our minds and dreams in our hearts.

I guess on Saturday I will go to Ev's and buy enough Girl Guide Cookies so that I will have some to stash in the freezer. These Older Men who are so attractive to us Older Ladies do not have the temerity of children who will raid the freezer and eat the cookies frozen.....I don't think?

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