Monday, April 07, 2008

I am driving home from Bell practice tonight, and off to my right a sliver of a moon is lying on its back balancing what looks like a very large beach ball on her tummy. She is skimming the top of the western hills (probably on her way to a strip of sand in Aussie Land) when she slips from view over the top of the mountain as I make the little rise up to our turn-off.

Too many people away for it to be a very productive Handbell practice, but vigorous and fun as we put our best effort into Early One Morning, A Little Wheel A-turning, and a nice Suite for Bells. The level of proficiency we reach remains the same, but the difficulty of the pieces we attempt changes constantly with the shifting of our group from experienced to beginner. So that we play simple pieces with aplomb, and remember when we could play difficult pieces quite elegantly before our more professional musicians drifted away out of this small community.

This is the Jubilation Handbell Choir from the Baptist Church in Birdsville, - but it could be us just as easily........we are not the Raleigh Ringers (sigh)

Monday evenings are always pleasurable, and the moon tonight was just the icing on the cake.

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