Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The last two nights, on our late evening walks, Caspar and I have been bewitched by the delicate tracery pattern of the apple trees; shadows cast by the moon directly overhead. As we peer into the orchard from the lane it is a place of mystery filled with little labyrinths of grainy black shadows on a sparkling carpet of snow. Even the smallest twig is etched on the snow.

This is nippy nose weather. The snow has reached the crunchy stage and there is no dilly dallying when we are out walking. However, if the moon cooperates tonight I plan to try to take some pictures of the etchings in the snow.
In case I am not successful (being a pretty amateur photographer) here is a variation on a photograph taken by B.G. Lewandowski which illustrates so well the scene that captures my imagination out in the beautifully cold moonlit night.......

When we have satisfied our soul dog and I turn for home and the nightly game of cards - with entertainment provided by Callie the Cat.

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