Monday, January 14, 2008

In Consideration of Strawberry Jam

A plaintive message from a Grandson tonight told me of the wonderful fluffy biscuits he had just made, and the fact that he had run out of Grandma's Homemade Strawberry Jam. A disaster of fairly large consequence in the scheme of things.... Especially when Grandma has no jars of Strawberry Jam in her pantry to replenish her own supply........

June is far off, - this blustery January day drives home that fact with great swirls and gusts of southern wind. The closest I could come to comfort food today was Bread Pudding and Meat Loaf, - a far cry from the delicious taste of strawberry jam, the delights of which make you close your eyes, run your tongue around your lips, and sigh - deep sighs.

It calls for a foraging in the freezer, to see if there might be a bag of frozen strawberries, lonely and forlorn and overlooked.. ..... a bag of chilly gems that could end up as soul satisfying jam


Not a Granny said...

Oh, but they are ripening nicely here in Florida!

I have never had good luck making my own Strawberry jam, or any jam for that matter.

Ashley McMurray said...

Oh geeze Grandma, I miss your biscuits and strawberry jam immensley.