Monday, January 28, 2008

Honey...sung to the tune of 'Annie Doesn't live here any more' (with feeling)

Honey doesn't live here anymore
she's always been the loom that I adored -

We spent a zillion hours together
Made a thousand things.
Tea towels, rugs and table cloths

Blankets fit for kings..
Age has caused our love affair
To fly on plaintive wings

And Honey doesn't live here anymore.

It's true. Honey (the loom) has moved to the big house at the bottom of the hill.

Still accessible for visits =)......

And if the truth be known (truth has a way of hiding under a cloak of sentimentality) I have no regrets.

Yesterday afternoon, as Husband and I patiently and lovingly disassembled the loom in
preparation for her journey we were moved to remember the excitement of putting her together. And the wonderful ingenuity with which Husband created a sectional beam and all its parts and accessories.

We were much younger then, and tying up treadles in Honey's nether parts was chal
lenging, but not impossible. Now it is challenging, and all but impossible.....

I am happy that she is going to a home where she will cause the same excitement all over again.

I am relieved that each time I pass the loom room I will not be seized by guilt and remorse that the warp remains pristine and unwoven.

I look forward to new uses for the room that Honey commandeered when we mo
ved here.

And most of all I look forward to introducing someone else to the joys of weaving, and a wonderful future for Honey, that gorgeous Swedish loom, - as the treadles and shafts go up and down and the weft goes back and forth, and she produces lovely cloth for years to come.

I will revert to my old and much loved four harness LeClerc that I started to weave on fifty years ago, and we will enjoy ourselves with music and the windows open to the breezes of spring and summer, - out in the travel trailer that has become the new loom room...All is not lost.

The last warp - the last scarf - farewell and Amen.


Not a Granny said...

That is an absolutely beautiful scarf!!

Hildred said...

Thank you, - it's silk, and I love wearing it. A nice "last" warp for the 8H loom.