Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The first of the after Christmas Amaryllis. This is Exotic Star, - a medium size flower, but what is exotic is the length of the sepals. Very pretty, tucked in with the last of the Poinsettias.

Peeking out the window to the south are the remaining Amaryllis, - stretching out tall with lovely, fat buds promising exquisite blooms.

They are keeping the languishing Paper Whites company. Poor Paper Whites, - they were banished to the loom room because their fragrance was just too much for Husband to contend with - but I went in and sat with them whenever the spirit moved me, and they grew tall and elegant. If the room was kept closed I must admit their scent was pretty over-powering on first opening the door.....

Moderation in all things - I must remember that.

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