Sunday, December 02, 2007

Neat Nellies versus Pack Rats

What a lot of enjoyment Neat Nellies miss out on, - oh yes, I know they have the satisfaction of a sparkly, pristine environment. They probably know where everything they
own is located, - and that will be the minimum of possessions. (Certainly no books stacked under dining room chairs, or works in progress cluttering up the odd corner - or lovingly handcrafted gifts from grandchildren taking up space on the top of the piano).

On the other hand - has any Neat Nellie you have ever known had the exquisite joy of going through ten years of Christmas cards, - re-reading letters from dear friends, admiring meaningful and magnificent missives that talk to you of the Spirit of True Christmas? What a lovely way to spend a snowy afternoon, on the pretext of looking for addresses and old letters.......

There is nothing better to prepare you for writing A Christmas Letter that expresses the deeper meaning of the celebration, or the depth of love that accompanies the Christmas Season.

I packed up all those heart-felt cards and letters in a nice, large suitcase that I doubt we will ever use for traveling again. What better use could it be put to....? Perhaps I will come across them again in a year or two and they will once again refresh my thoughts and fill another snowy afternoon with love and memories.

Mind you - I have great admiration for Neat Nellies, and perhaps some day I will live the life of simplicity, tidiness and organization. I cannot recreate the circumstances just yet, but it MAY happen....

In the meantime, lets hear it for The Sentimental Pack Rats. (There are two of us who live in this house.....a compounded Pleasure? Problem? Take your pick - whatever your way of life...)

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