Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Morning Sunrise

and now it's

To me the house is fragrant with the scent of the Paper Whites.....and their beautiful greenery is reflected in the silver which a Grandson has put his heart into "polishing to perfection". Thank you, David.....

To husband, who wrinkled up his nose whilst playing cards tonight, sniffed, and remarked on the strange smell in the house, - to him those lovely, delicate flowers smell something like car exhaust..

To each his own.....if nothing else he was glad to know the source of the odour.

Boxing Day finds us honouring the old traditions, - bah humbug to the scrabbling merchants who seek to fill their stores with frantic buyers and their coffers with still more dollars....

We went visiting with shortbread in hand...

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Alberta Girl said...

On this one I am with Uncle Charles - I think they smell like dirty socks - ha ha.

It must be one of those - you either love them or hate them - smells.

They look beautiful though and I truly wish I could stand the smell so I too could have them for Christmas.

Hope you had a great Christmas and all the best in 2008