Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Sick A-Bed, - Husband too.

With our feet on two chairs, - one for him, and one for me.

This is such a mournful month to get sick; it's so dismal outside and I feel quite sorry for us.

Husband is watching TV, - maybe sleeping - and I have tried to distract myself with hot water, lemon and honey, and a few pictures that give a small insight into the way the World Wars affected one family out of thousands.

With a grandfather and a few cousins thrown in as well........


NicolaJean said...

Oh dear. We are so sorry you and Dad are feeling poorly. Thank you for the beautiful Remembrance Day tribute. Get 'proper better' soon as the British say.
With much much love from Nick and David and Vince.

Willo said...

Dear Hildred,
What a beautiful memorial to 'our' war heroes and the women who served with them over there or at home.
Very touching.